Saturday, October 4, 2008


hmmm... one of my friend in friendster posted this bulletin and i think this will help me remember my currently college days in the future... wont it?

60% of my life

1. What do they call you in class?
carmen, simen, paktoh kia.. WTH!

2. What makes your class so interesting?
neh neh, those silly ppl, including me who always fight in class for no reason. HAHA

3. Who would you say is the class clown?
wah, got aster lar, the gay couple, jo and cucu... banyak loo

4. Who is always the earliest to reach school?
me, loon, eric(use to), yoke wan...

5. Who is always late enter class ?
dat would b roshan.. haha

6. Who is the smartest?
eric looo... hor... edmund, smart in creative... lol

7. Who always sleep in class?
duno.. haha...

8. Who is the leader of the class?
poh and silver

9. Which subject do you hate most?
this sem, design workshop, damn lar! u teach like as if we're science students. yorr!!!

10. What was the worst punishment in class?
errr... duno

11. What do you bring to class?
art stuffs?

12. What is the best subject?
i ching's class, design class and... calligraphy.. haha

13. What do you always do in class?
talk talk talk, draw draw draw, kacau kacau kacau loo loo loo... lol

14. Who is your class teacher?
.. no class teacher la.. haha

15. Do you like having him/her as your class teacher?
... yorr... --|||

16. Who's the most outstanding teacher who enters your class?
pinky? duno haha

17. Funniest techer?
i ching and pinky haha

18. Most memorable day with classmates?
those crazy days with them haha

19. Do you get along with everyone in your class?
yup, wait, except eric and pevert lord, cucu.. wuhuhu

20. Is there any of your classmates whom you hate?
CUCU and eric.. wuhuhu

21. Your hope for your future classmates?
hmmm... more craziness pls? hahaha

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