Sunday, October 19, 2008

short updates

Sorry lar, haha, din update quite some time... busy doing final project, assignments, presentations... last week was really really busy... i think this coming week also lar, got presentation, final project submition and all. anyway, i am here to waste your freaking time by updating you. haha.

Hmmm... today, yumi has been here for a week. she's good, fat abit, still kinda naughty. haha.

Then that day friday, me, dear, cucu, kaiwern, aster, jo went to hunt for paper point factory in Glenmary, thanks to cucu, our pevert, 24 hours hentai, cucu, we got lost twice. the first time, we went on to klang road, and the second back to subang. haha. but in the end, we found it.

What else le, oh yea, we are reaching to 4 months soon. XP

Anyway, these are the pictures.

Cucu's sexy arss

my chubby driver HAHA

actually, there is a little silly monkey inside... errr, monkey plus cat actually. can't really see her from this pic... haha, sorry lar, blur blur

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