Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wei Ling's art gallery

last friday... is it? yea, last friday... went hunting for Wei Ling's gallery in Brickfields with these crapper or randomers, aster, jo, angie, loon, cucu and kai wern... so, damn, freaking, shitty, hard to find that gallery... luckily, me and loon went by cab and found it first... but we had trouble of telling directions to cucu... lol... in the end, they make it!! yay!!! --||| anyway, i lazy to tell you guys about the gallery, ill let the pictures do the blar blar blar thing... haha

our first family potrait : (from top left) cucu(brother inlaw), loon(my hubby XD), angie(my daughter), aster(my son inlaw? haha), jo(cucu's hubby), me, kaiwern(my mom lol).. yea... i know... is a weird family.. lol

one of my favourite in the gallery... ^^

oh yea... before we left, we had lunch in our usual spot, Ming Tian... JOKER was spotted by all of us ... and he is eating lollipop... --||| WTH

After that, we went to kinokuniya, then me and loon head to sungai and went home first, cause my sickness is getting worst, until today im still sick TT and we got no cash... TT... while the others went for movie... T^T.. nvm, there is next time. and the next time is MADAGASCAR!!! GAHHH!!!

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