Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas?

2 days ago, i went to my cousin's house for early Christmas celebration? or may be is just a gathering. ha ha. before the whole thing start, mom ask everyone to bring christmas hats for photograph for my aunts in America. so, some bring the rain deer hair band, usual chritmas hat and mine, joker christmas hat. haha. shape like a joker hat but the colour is christmas hat colour. bought this from bangkok 2 years ago, cos only rm6 and still no where to be found here in malaysia, --|||... lousy! anyway, had lots of fun, lots of food, got sushi, lasagna after dinner, chicken, blar blar? haha. after dinner, play around, chat around... biasa lar. haha. then finally, is photo session. ill upload those photo next time, cause i don't have it now. haha. after the photo session, everyone force my cousin, ee vern to shuffle. she's good in shuffle, for her age. she shuffle until ky also drop on the floor and cry. haha. shuffle shuffle shuffle, then end up all the shufflers, noob, pro, medium....... came out and shuffle. i wanted to shuffle, but im wearing skirt... deng! T.T haha. nvm, next time lar haha. by the way, here are some video. enjoy

ky brings it the mood...

zm and ky shuffling

ky and zm... and finally, our youngest and greatest shuffler in the family, ev

ev and jh battling... haha

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Morissette said...

she's gooooooooooooooD!!!!

caroon said...

yea.. i noe... haha

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