Monday, December 15, 2008

History of Art and Desing final presentation

yea... 4th of December 2008 is the day that we had our history of art and design final presentation. well, the presentation was quite good for our group i mean. anyway, here are the pictures of all the teams.
CLASS CD085-2 (my class)

edmund, gary, jo, philberta, amelia, cheh yi, guki, felix's group... they designed a dead god

richie, me, paoline, angeline, zhi yi, steve, nemo and gin's group designed a future girl. she came to the present through time machine.

eric, silver, dorothy, goh tong, vhand, poh, zaki, cucu's goup designed a dragonfly girl

aster, kaiwern, venessa, duy, tommy, daniel, jason, wai wai design a nature girl. the girl that save our polluted natural enviroment.

loon, nicholas, ru, yoke wan, eelin, suli, gin, tee yong design a 2 faced city girl


egyptian blue peacock group

pirated cd group

human plus peacock

Snap Shots

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