Tuesday, December 23, 2008

random ppl in cd085-2

*sigh* kinda miss CD085-2... Although i live there for like 7 months plus... feels like 2 years? or more? Yea, miss those classmates, especially those random and crapping classmates. HAHA! gonna miss biri biri's super randomness, silver's random crap, eric's kacau, poor cucu, always kena bully , same as jo, kaiwern and angie's silliness ... Hmmm.. who else? Pao pao, ruru and wai wai craziness, wantan mee's chubbyness, suli's evilness and others ^^... We had lots of drama, love, stressness in this class. Lots of love chemistry going on in our class, who love who... blar blar, some sucess, som no... As for the drama, banyaknya i hate you, you hate me... grrr here, grrr there... haha. Stressness ar, we are 24hours stress, well almost 24 hours, lol. *sigh* we didn't manage to take a class photo T.T... anyway, gonna miss you guys. and here is a random vid of this random biri-biri.. she feel inlove with this gatsby song out of no where... sometimes, i don't get her, thanks to her randomness. so all i do is SWT!!! haha. was taken on the end of the sem before last sem, our first sem lar.. haha

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