Saturday, December 6, 2008


yup, all those tough presentations are over, especially yesterday one. about the blog before, yea i was stress lar, so i RAHHHHHH on the blog to release stress. sorry lar, no time to dota or cs or roller coaster tycoon or play with yumi or dig nose to release stress lar. so, i use the short cut, blog blog blog *ting* :3... geng le, lol. anyway, it... is... OVER~ weeeeee... it turn out ok lar, the presentation i mean. atleast, atleast better than the Gatsby one, that is so omg... but this time, we surprise the lecture lar, abit. haha... AND! certain someone and me know certain someone stold certain something during the presentation *me and certain someone looking at each other and smile...*... anyway certain someone told certain someone that got power about it. (if you don't understand these few sentences, those wit "certain someone"... just ignore... ;3) anyway... still got 2 more project to kao dim, the booklet and paper sculpture, then it is CF!!! SEMBREAK!!! PARTY??? DOUBLE BDAY CELEBRATION? ^^ OUTING!!! ICE SKATING??? haha.. thats all lar... oh yea, im gonna post my history of art and design final project pictures soon. is about costume design, so yea hope you guys like it, especially those costume designers and cosplayers ;3... ok, noobkia out...

Anyway, this is the English version of the concert poster i designed for my copywriting and communication skills
(aka english) final project... but we did some changes few minutes before the presentation. so, im not having the presentation file but it looks almost like that.

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人形姫 said...

And "certain someone" Wanna Fan Toi in front of the "certain someone" and wanna Stab the "certain someone" repeatedly.... -_-

Anyway it's over already,just hope that Santa will bring bad karma on that "certain someone" .

caroon said...

yea lar... yea... i wish that too.. ill wish that for my birthday wish? hahaha

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