Monday, December 29, 2008

WARNING: no pics but WORDS and ONLY words!! ahead *rarrr*
haha, yea seriously, i haven't collect the pictures yet, so ill just blarr with words. if you lazy to read, feel free to just scream and run away. lol. anyway, ill start with christmas lar.. haha... me and jien's (cousin) fam went for 1 day trip to... ... ... Carey island, sounds so oversea rite, is actually just in klang. haha. not much people know this place actually, all thanks to my mom's elder bro and the travel lover, dad. this is the second time i been there. oh yea, is not really an island, is actually a delta. the so call island is devided by 2 rivers. anyway, we went to the beach there lar, didn't swim but play sand and catch hermid crabs(banyaknya haha). not bad lar there, sands are soft and white, NOT THE SEA is oily like Port Dickson, don't bother going in. haha. after the beach, went for dinner, SEA FOOD!!! ordered 1kg of marmit crabs, 3 crabs lar. haha. yummy mii!!! then went to this hiden jusco in klang. the jusco is not like kepong jusco, so small. is actually slightly BIGGER than 1U OLD WING. yup, my cousin was shock to see that mall. it was my 3rd time going to that mall lar. haha. so shop shop shop for CNY. i didn't shop much and didn't buy anything cause i already "kao dim" my CNY clothes, weeeeee... then after that, went for supper!!! mmm, my favourite meal time! haha. well, since we had dinner at around 5 smth, so go for SUPPER!!! then after supper, the end of story, for that day.

NEXT! yesterday my fam, jien's fam, mom's 2nd younger sis's fam, my older cousin, cm and mom's youngest bro fam came to jien's house for BBQ... we bbq chicken wings, fish, potato, sweet potato, mushroom, sweet corns and errr.. yea thats all. aunt cooked some mash potato, fried rices, noodles, salad... ... ... (lazy to list haha) so all of us just eat and chat eat chat = cheat? lol. the kids just play around with nikki, the lovely dog dog. and she just had her first period on that day. ==|||. well, we "cheat" until almost 12 then balik looo.. haha well thats all... enjoy reading? no? yea me too, i don't enjoy typing either.. haha. anyway, syaoran's bday is coming.. i mostly delay his bday present, cus not enough time to "kao dim" his bday present.. im not gonna buy him stuff, im gonna hand made something... ^^

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