Monday, January 5, 2009

1st 2009 post?

the first thing i would like to say is... I MISS MY GIRL!!! YUMI! T.T last saturday, we sent her to spca for spay. since the schedule of spca is so damn pack. so whenever there's a place for her in the schedule, the vet will just slot her in. T.T, she is gonna stay there for 5 days... T.T miss her...

ok ermmm.. on new year ever. me and my fam... well, we didn't plan this up actually and it was unexpected. ok, so on that night after dinner, mom was like come lets go desa park city, since we are not going anywhere this new year eve. then we were like ok, lets go there and buy some crap or go see some pets there. haha. so when we went there, the parkings are full and it looks like it the front car park is closed down by some private party, this is what we thought at first. then dad was like ok fine, we drive one big round and park at the car park behind. after we park the car, we walk to the garden. as we walk, we saw like what the heck? event? party? fireworks?countdown even. wow, and is not that crowded also. cool, lets join in. there were face painting, 2 tall stick man walking around? some clowns, blar blar blar. so we walk around from 11 to 11.45. then we went to the side of the pond there to wait for fireworks. so yea, one of the DJ was like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR. and these are the picture after that.

well, didn't take much cause i wanna see it with my naked eye XP not through camera XP
DENG DENG DENG! next is jane's birthday party. it was last saturday night. party starts at 7 something? so eat eat eat. then it is *danger music plays* GAME TIME! but this year, im out of the danger zone, more on the safe zone. wuhuhu. cause, all the games involve in alcohol O.O. and i don't drink, cause of the taste, macam ubat saja. and my parents will smack me like hell if i drink, HAHA! then teddy bear will slam me with his biggy tummy or maybe butt. =x. haha. anyway, when home around 1030. well, here are some pic that i took with vinod's camera.

and this is wat happen after i left.. haha

yea, is some sort of dare game... haha for more info or pictures please
click here (must click XD) and lastly, today is the first day of hell... T.T anyway, alot of my classmate changed. biribiri got a new hair cut, my daughter angie also. same as goh tong, jayson. eric the chicken had gone down. even me, i just cut my hair yesterday. XD. gary changed, i think. haha. well, today's class is only 2 hours and is a combine class of Digital Animation classes and Multimedia class. fuuu, this is the only time i can spend with my old random friends... gonna miss you guys. ^^ lunch everyday people? and sorry for biri biri, she's in illustration class and is hard for all of us to meet her, anyway, we miss your randomness. is quiet without you, haha! ^^ alright, got to go... see you...

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