Thursday, April 16, 2009


haha, Cheer09 was like in 2 months time. just 2 years ago, i was there in front of the whole crowd. damn! time really does have wings. no lar, wings too outdated d, more like jet packs, woooooo... geng! i was a cheerleader, use to be flexible, not very flexible lar, just flexible. the one with the "very" are those flyers. haha. later you will see the pics. now ar, don't even ask me to do split, orelse your eyes will get rotten, seriously. last time my front split can almost, almost ar.. touch the ground. now ar, gunung KK. OAO" side spilt, no nid to say... haha. k lar k lar show you the pics lar, later your eyes will get dehydrated by my words. haha...

SERAPHIM was our team name. Seraphim was born on year 2007 and it R.I.P on year 2008.. T.T ... lets say, our school murdered it... so sad...
by the way, this group photo was taken when we first got our uniforms. it was design by me ^^. wasn't easy to design one. haha.

we had fun practicing before the big thing

just applied those words on the uniform... look like some crime scene. 9 dead cheerleaders OAO.

then we appeared in the newspaper few weeks before the competition... we appeared just once and we are happy with it ^^.

during the competition, this is our final...

after the performance, we go crazy taking pictures here and there... and those wings that was wore by the supporters are done by my parents ^^.. and we didn't win anything actually, but we had lots of fun ^^

few weeks after the competition, we still got the heat... but it didn't last long... TT

so thats all, i was crossed by a blue cross ^^
and yea i know, i look epicly DARK!!!

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