Thursday, May 21, 2009


i R&R here for awhile first. hahaha... later cabut. i post those pics of that wedding dinner for you lar.. later u complain.. hahaha

radiance half way telling jokes...

ronnard, radiance and jj

our first dish... me, vinod and jj can't resist the glowing horse, SNAP PIC! and the waitor was like standing beside, waiting for us to finnish sesat snap... hahaha

radiance poking her face

the ballroom


my dress.. me like ^^

btw... i love sitting wit biri biri during moral class x3. so fun sitting wit her... but no fun sitting wit that smart ass. i had bad experience last week. her words, make my eye go behind. everytime when she start her blar her blar-ness, i start to SWT! lol~.. today luckily we din sit next to her, we cabut behind her. mmm~ biri biri, today she din blar much ar... lucky her, orelse we will start using our big long legs and kick her big smart ass.. hohohohohoohohhooho.. evilnya~

3 dots:

人形姫 said...

OMG, Your 1st dish soo tempting la.. :D'''''

hahah lulz la that lulzer woman... She think she's wise, until when comes to huge project,ask her to handle, she run away...
Bring alot of fucking trouble la, =_=
Very clever to act smartass, but very coward to handle real things, zzzz

noobkia said...

duno how to use brain mar.. thats y, smart faced, "face" only.. but the soul, dum dum

人形姫 said...

I need my gum,dum dum!

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