Tuesday, May 26, 2009


had Design Method class yesterday morning... after the critic session, we go kacau the iMac webcam in our class while waiting for leturer come in...
ini.. sudah jadi...

tihao just wanna act cute for once in his life... haha

me and tihao.. the negative side of us... muahahahahaha

negative side of these ppl, tihao, yokey, kenix and yeehong(look like old man HAHA)

kenix's twin. dua dua main digimon saya. OAO, eh! since when i got 2 digimons?! OAO
and at the back, tihao, he can change shape.. haha

tihao first time wear long jeans skirt

different characters of me.. HAHA

i admire my twin OAO"'

alien form

shit u amelia! GAH!!! ur hands!!!

last but not least... ruzafir

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