Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Semester 4 Zone

yea, I already enter the Semester 4 Zone... maybe you can call it.. STRESS LEVEL 4. OAO! first day, first lesson, first class, Typography Fundamentals already got lots of assignment. DG085-2, syaoran's class, now i know how you guys feel... good luck in drawing spaceship btw ^^... anyway, today no class, yay! but got typo assignments to do... zzz... i've already trace until "F" d... took me 15 mins to trace one alphabet.. zzz (if you don't know what im talking about, just 4get it.. i lazy to explain, hehehe)

ok, tomorrow we will be having Visual Fundamentals, i think that is wat is called. And after that we will be combining with biri-biri's class, Pendidikan Moral.. OAO! please don't tell me we need to memorise those stupid nilai sss again.. --"' well, thats all... oh yah, amelia, your new hair, look like naughty boy, hahahaha... bye, wanna eat...

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人形姫 said...

Meeh! go SPCA to gather sheeps for me to play :D

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