Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 days

sick for 3 days... recovering la, today 3rd day d, atleast my throat is much better after drinking the ginger coke, is damn damn damn bitter but ya it helps...

ohya, that day
20.10.2010 was

celebrated in kim gary with half of my class... sweet~!
btw ya been sick for 3 days, no mood to do work, no mood to entertain with classmates, some of my classmates was like shock to see dead face from me... ya i admit, i kinda randomize my personality, sometimes like too active, too excited, too nervous, too STUPID, too BLUR! too B*TCHY! omg... my brain was like shuffling random stuff LOL

and ya..

sorry guys if i was really b*tchy for the last few days... cus i didn't have proper sleep for like weeks d *SH fial lim behind celebrating me breaking record*... then finally sick until duno like what... FPS group members all fall sick like domino, first kenix, me and lastly gene this morning... T T seriously few times, i didn't know what i was doing T T like that day in the recording room, i actually accidentally spilled a can drink of CHRYSANTHEMUM tea on to peishan's feet OMG~ T T

in short.. IM FREAKING BLUR!!!

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