Thursday, October 14, 2010

cherish the tired moments

realising that we're near graduation. Suffering currently... really suffering alot, everyone was like gasping air everyday, literally everyday... this is double gasping than last semester. but we still don't know, who will make it, and who will not... but we're gasping together...

haha, i guess there are few things im gonna miss after when i graduate. those routines that i do for the pass a year plus... is like im immune to it, or like its already in part of my life. there are a few, a few but its just there for 2 years already... if i type out everything, might be like a NOVEL, omg.. list down la haha
i guess im gonna miss
- all those crazy moments with mm085
- waking up kenix almost everyday since end of 1st year 3rd sem i think
- chating with sanny, kenix, justin almost everyday
- Final Lim's SH-ness
- gene's blurness
- ashley calling me "eh carmen" me"wat?" ashley"bitch"
- justin saying "RESPOND!" in pirates ahoy
- yokey's blur blur face XD
- gene's KAKAKAKA laugh
- jyson's KEKEKEKE laugh
- fayax's favorite word "awesome" "f*ck you" "hate you man" "thats cool"
- amelia and ashley's "monkey clapping"
- final lim's GLEE HEAT, trailer updater...
- berry's lady gaganess
- py's 38-ness
- sanny's overdose medicine/under-dose medicine-ness in msn
- justin's discussing
- kenix's crapping and crap faces
- Mc's Angelina Joline's lips moment
- Jena's wide face
- tihao's hehehehe-ness
- ritchie's awesome-ness
- steve's nah pet moments in starlite
- asking kenix everytime "what you doing?" "what time u sleeping?" "sleeping tonite?" and saying "hou sien ar" "hungry" "i go first" "lol"
- asking amd saying to sanny "wat u doing?" "sunny" "LOLOLOLOL" "what? i din see your message" "done d?" "hou sien ar" "hou yit ar" "errr"
- definitely gonna miss argueing wit kenix... omg =="'

i think theres more, but could think all of them at one time la hahaha
but will remember them forever :D

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