Saturday, February 26, 2011

warm up

didn't blog for like so damn long rite? my bad O_O
make it short i guess? i mean if you want to know more, its on fb...
erm, i still do have the do work mood on and and OFF, like most of the time OFF, tum-ing here and there heh~ where to start?

erm life had been really shitty, not really shitty lar, just shit? or just shhh?
whatever... now slowly solving with a couple of helpers :D

still have a couple of months then its our last moment here in TOA... T T
saw berry posting up old pictures few days ago in fb, then im like sigh, really miss those days
we both said that we use to be really fun and enjoy every moment, how to say?
really happy and peaceful? then one of us said but, the us now... T T
but no matter what, its the last few moments, just enjoy it :D

in facebook that day, radiance posted something...
Radiance Yew Yew:
80% of all of your posts that appear on my Facebook homepage are about you being hungry. LOL!
HAHAHAHAHAHA funny lar radiance!

the recent thursday just found out something not so shocking, quite expected... *looking at syaoran* "looks like what you expected, happen..."
also found out that im not alone, hahaha!!
*Hi5 with shan*
*syaoran and jiatat cry*

didn't have much mood of doing work, but doing bits by bits
but have the mood to draw
one of the latest piece


been hiao-ing with him and final for half an hour i guess...
in facebook

ok bye :D

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