Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dont bother reading

yea, really, don't bother reading this, is just some some shitteh intro. so, u can just chao or u'll be wasting 5 mins more or less reading this errr... crap.
this is not my first blog really. don't believe me, wookey lo. the other blog ar, private wan, and i lazy to touch that, don't know why, i guess it smells, sucks? too ugly, too sexy?! probably too gay. lol. im not gay, don't worry. " (thinking inside my head) ah shit, its 11.33 and im suppose to sleep at 1030 actually, according to mr.potato. damn!". just ignore, anyway so erm... you'll know my life lar... just keep on reading. yea, i just love to waste your time. such a nice feeling to waste your time, is like spending money. so cool. weeeeeeeeeee... ok, thats all. wait, did i waste your 5 mins? or less than that. ah, wtv. i better go, orelse mr.potato gonna kick mah arss or tickle me to dead. wuhuhu. bye bye.

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