Wednesday, October 1, 2008

raya raya

raya loo!!! green green green. yay! oh what the hell. went to kuala selangor with my fam plus mother side fams. first we feed those Gatsby monkey. those monkeys i tell you, jumping up and down, fighting here and there, breast feeding, snatching food from other Gatsby promoters, scratching arsses, stalking here and there, gelling? styling their hair?, shitting , making tea, and they even use shits as body shampoo. ewww... all of us were doing monkey business for like an hour plus? and we end up smell like monkey~ shits. some monkey perfume i guess. then we went for food food, before that we went to some bird park? but sadly, 1 hour walk and our stomach is digging holes, so yea, head to the fishing village we always go to makan.

oh owww... this time, no crab for lunch. sob sob. i miss having craps, i mean crabs. lol. so sad. then after that, me and my cousin jien and his parents plus my aunt in law, balik KL. the others head north to save the world!!! no lar, balik kampung, Teluk Anson/Teluk Intan. and now here i am, sitting down here, lazy to do assignments, looking at the computer, stomach yelling for food and i should end it here. thank you, bye bye.

and oh yea, i wanna go klcc, ts, sw with you guys!!! T.T

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