Friday, December 19, 2008


well, today is my second day of 18... i had turn 18 adi lar. haha. anyway, on that day is also the result of the list of option(failed list) and... thank god, im not in. phew! but cucu, jo and syaoran is in. for syaoran is history of art and design, just 3 marks away from the passing mark, DAMN! yesterday he went back to college and represent the portrait project to the lecture, together with cucu. so he passed in the end, thank god. back to the bday, after checking out the list, me and syaoran left to pyramid. just when we about to leave the college, angie came. gonna miss you angie, ^^ have fun in your hometown, see you next year... in a different class.. T.T. then both of us went for movie, Madagascar 2, its not as funny as the first one, should had watch BOLT, but nvm. there is still next time, ^^. after movie, lunch in MacD. then meet up with aaron, mabel and aaron's kai kor. chat for awhile, cabut. haha. went to syaoran's house for awhile. then balik. an hour after i came back, my fam and cousin came bak from mom's hometown. they decided to have dinner near my area. after dinner when we came back, my cousins all keep on asking me to go upstairs, i suspected something is on. i went for like 10 minutes, they ask me to go downstairs again. haha, when i went down, just as i expected. is dark and got cake, haha. sing a happy birthday song, make a wish and blow off the candles, ^^ eat cake. then my cousin went back at around 10 something. and my bday just ended nicely with an hour chat on the phone. ^^ pictures will be posted soon, i think, if i get the pictures from my mom, the outing one, we 4got to take pictures actually =x.


i know this post kinda simply type and sucks, cause i am lazy to type hahaha. anyway, although this year bday is one of the least present i receive, i think. but i had fun! especially with you. ^^ caroon, out.

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