Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

last saturday me, loon, cucu, felix and cosplayers aster plus her friend, i didn't know her name, lol! aster did me and loon a pair of wolf ears, but it look more like bunny ears according to the host. --||| by the way, aster cosplay as hell girl that day and her friend cosplay as one of the character in hell girl. this year cf was ok lar, slightly better than last year, more cosplayers, figurings and yuna --|||. but the stuff that they sell there, hmmm... same old same old, except the new giant cat ears, since this year theme is cat ears? i think. anyway, i went on saturday only, cus not enough cash TT... anyway, show u some pics from there lar... didn't took much of cosplayers, took alot of figurings --||| sorry lar... haha

the begining... cucu was checking out the person in pikachu suit, and this is how he looks like when he is looking at it. HAHA

FIGURING - (erm, i didn't upload all, i only upload those i like and sorry bout the blurness, thanks to the photographers which is me and loon.. haha)

Cosplayers - ill try to get some more pictures from my friends :3

(yea, don't simply think for this pic.. :P)

Kid Chan, one of TOA illustration lecture demo-ing tablet drawing.. ^^

saturday tickets... for sunday is green, so Christmas the colour

The cosplay competition (i only took one of the team which is the D-Grayman team)

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