Monday, May 11, 2009

going back to HELL!!!

all my friends had their first day of sem 4 today... ... ... except for class MM085-1, my class lar... =="'... one thing is nice that, we got no class today = no assignments, yay! but... "HOU SIEN AR!!!" *pulling my face*... and "TIN SI HOU YIT AR" *sweating*... anyway, tomorrow is my class first day of sem 4, everyone is excited bout tomorrow and at the same time sien bout tomorrow, cus here comes the assignments and meet our old friend, STRESS!... OAO"'

anyway, currently watching this new anime, K-ON! heeeeee ^^"V ...
kinda love this anime. its hilarious and the anime movement is very smooth, cute too.. ^^... and is basically about music band.. ^^ go watch.. ^^

and here's the trailer...



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