Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4 months

so my last post was... waw, my last time login here was 9th of May, and i was still in college. Its been 4 months, loads of things happen, cut to the point i guess? make it short?

i left TOA for almost 4 months, graduated from there and 4th of June was our graduation ceremony for batch 081 and 085(us). That was our official graduate date. Hmmm, before we officially graduate, had some trips with classmates, 2 days 1 night in Genting with crazy people who do a lot of crazy thing, anything crazy just to be captured by cameras, we did a lot of own created famous "po kai" pose, where you place your head on the floor and keep your body straight and put your legs up on a short table or a something short that is above the ground. Good times~

Also a morning trip, literally morning trip to Broga Hill with peishan and jiatat and jia haw with his friends along. 2 cars, went out at 4, reach puchong at 4 smth reach broga at 5 smth, climb broga and reach to the peak at 6 in the morning. Was a total black out hiking with only 3 torch lights and 8 person. Was cool, both jiatat and peishan wanted to go there since long time, brought them up finally :D Came down at 11, was cloudy that day, and went to a near by temple for a bath and prayer and went to the town for breakfast, Mission Accomplish!

ok back to 4th of June, graduation day, brought syaoran and family to the ceremony~! Was a really happy for all of us, another memorable day, took a lot of photos that day, like really huge number, thanks to syaoran for being my photographer that day, most of the photos were taken by him <3 I guess all of us waited for a very very long time for this very moment, tossing our graduation hat in the air with your classmates and friends. Everyone was dress nicely that day, pretty boys, pretty girls. Really miss that day~!

1st of June, the day when my life had came to the part where theres a big gate that opens up and the other side is a new world, all i can do is find out. Wasn't just me that day, Tihao and Poing on the same day. We started working... From start, i had really really bad experience, a bad start, was really bad until i didn't want to tell anyone, wasn't expecting this... there were scolding, i had mood swings, mood mixs, sad moment, sad days, lonely days, time travel, i guess its part of getting use to it and learning from it? But slowly, i pick up, learn, until today, im still trying to speed up my progress. My mood still swings until today, from time to time, and after working for 3 months plus, finally yesterday, i was confirmed, relieve and sort of happy, but have to carry on what i am doing. 

But until today, I still miss toa life, I miss my college friends, I miss the life there, those moments. And speaking of that, this few months, seems like quite a number of my college friends, both from foundation and major years are going off to oversea, espeically Final Lim Yee Hong, the greatest entertaining, yumcha, travel, overnight, outing kaki i ever met is going off to UK the day after tomorrow. We had a farewell party in his house last saturday. And I am really glad and happy to see most of our class was there. I don't know why, when I see them, I feel home, feel comfortable. Thanks to Final's mom for giving us food hahaha, more like stuffing us with yong tau fu and saying more food more luck! hahaha was funny! Then we went down stairs to a shelter near the pool, was raining that time, so we took shelter, a small one. And had alchohol and we asked Final Lim to give speech. It was a LONG 1 HOUR SPEECH! but the video only took 23 minutes, but actually was more than that, and we just keep smilling through out the whole time! That was Final Lim's effect! making people smile just by being himselft, being a SH! hahaha

I will miss him! ALOT~! can't believe a year without you~ or more~ yumcha, traveling, outing or anything that gathers people around, won't be fun! without you around~ hope you'll come back after a year :) will miss you alot!

well i guess im done here, for updating and removing all my mushrooms! hahaha bye

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